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Brossie® Shoulder Hunting Bag
  • Brossie® Shoulder Hunting Bag

    16 Custom Pockets For:

    • 2 + Box Calls
    • 3 + Slate Calls with slots for [3] Strikers
    • Multiple Diaphragm Calls
    • Hand Clippers
    • Water bottle
    • Binoculars

    The Brossie® Shoulder Hunting Bag allows for quiet secure storage with the quickest access and placement of your entire call selection. With over 60-years of field testing, the Brossie® Shoulder Hunting Bag is for the serious hunter who values being mobile, agile, and hostile when pursing turkeys during all seasons. The Brossie® Shoulder Hunting Bag is much faster and less cumbersome than traditional vests and fanny packs.

    Dimensions: 13" Wide x 15" High.

    Weight: 1 lb.

    Camo Pattern: Mossy Oak Obssession®

    • Shipping Costs by Product

      Bags – Shipping and Handling is $19.95

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