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Brossie® Hunting Blind (7 stick - All Season)
  • Brossie® Hunting Blind (7 stick - All Season)

    This Brossie® designed 7-Stick Hunting Blind enables quick and easy setups for "run and gun" turkey hunting and is perfect for still hunting when you want to "sit and wait" on those wary gobblers. This pattern has more green and is designed to offer maximum cover providing perfect concealment for a successful turkey hunt when the woods have "greened up". The Brossie® Quick Strap is included for easy carry throughout the woods.


    • Quick Strap; Easy Installation
    • All Season Camo 3D Pattern
    • Weighs only 3lb
    • 6" x 36" packed
    • 126" by 30" inuse
    • Shipping Costs by Product

      Blinds – Shipping and Handling is $12.95

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